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How to Play The Gauntlet?

A great after school exercise activity!  Through the use of this activity you can greatly increase the enjoyment of your athletes/students as well as increase their;

  • acceleration
  • deceleration
  • coordination
  • space awareness
  • reaction time
  • cardiovascular endurance

Set up:

  • 8 small or large cones
  • 4 colored jerseys or bibs
  • at least 8 to 12 kids

Your set up should look like this:

Gautlet Set Up Picture

The Rules:

  • After putting on the jerseys, the players in between the cones must tag anyone who tries to run through their set of cones.  They may only move from side to side along the inside of their cones.  They are not allowed to move forward or backward.

Player line up

  • If a player is tagged they must exit the Gauntlet from the sides and return back to the line of players in front of the first set of cones.


  • Players that are running the Gauntlet must wait inline for their turn to run.  Players that are running may only run with in the inside of the cones and must not be tagged.  If tagged rotate to the back of the line for a new turn.

First player through

  • To begin with send one player at a time through the Gauntlet, after a few minutes start to send in players two at a time.

Sending two through

Keep an eye on the players and try not to let them bunch up at any point in the Gauntlet.

Have Fun and Enjoy!

Here is a clip from our last game!


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Just to give you an idea of what goes on at my school.  Here is the latest episode of our school newscast.  I love doing this show and hope you enjoy all the fun!

Here is a link to my other site:

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The idea behind this game is to help develop both acceleration and deceleration. The goal of the game is to take the rings either from the middle circle or from any of your opponents circles. At the end of 45 seconds the person with the most rings wins =)

Take a look!

I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to teach fitness, public speaking or any another other vaulable activities for kids.  If you have any suggestions or know of a good website please comment below!

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Wow, Wow and WOW!

This week in Creative Public Speaking the kids assignment was to create an ABC conversation with the help of a partner.  Besides being just a fun activity the purpose is to show the importance of our  body language when speaking.  Albert H Mehrabian did an experiment, and suggested that when we speak

Words account for only 7%

Tone of voice accounts for 38%

Body language accounts for 55%

With this in mind it’s important to remember that we are saying so much more to our audience then the words we are speaking.  Through these creative learning activities its my hope that students will develop themselves into a more conscientious speakers.  Therefore being able to be more effective at relaying their thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Here are a couple of clips!  Enjoy!

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Clear Communication

Today in Creative Public Speaking Grades 1 and 2 learned about the importance of communicating clearly.  We played the Whisper Game and soon realized that getting people to really listen and understand what we are saying can sometimes be difficult.  So, we should always take our time and make sure that what we are saying is clear and that we should also be a good listener when other people are speaking.

Here is a video of today’s game in two parts!

The original sentence was ” I like ice cream with Chocolate covered peanuts and whip cream.”

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What is Creative After School?

Creative After School has been set up to show a variety of activities and programs for youth world wide.  It’s my hope that through creative after school programs the needs of the whole student will be met.  So far two programs have been created and have been in effect for the past 2 years.  I hope that by creating a community of learners, coaches and teachers the quality of after school activities will rise to meet the needs of this new generations!

All the best,


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