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How to play the “And Or Game”

Check out my new fun classroom game at:

Have a great day!


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Examples Needed – Teacher body language in the classroom

Dear Teachers,

If you are a teacher/educator would you please take a few minutes and respond to this request.  I am in the process of gathering examples of how body language is used in the classroom. The idea is to help create an awareness of the Non-verbal signals that teachers use.  I am looking for examples of body language that may be inhibiting learning, as well as examples of positive teacher body language.  If you would be willing, please give some examples of both positive and non-effective body language that you have either experienced or have observed in the classroom.  You can just leave your information below as a response to this post.


Thanks so much!


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W51TV episode VI !

This week has been unbelievable! So many cool things have been going on and you can check it out on our new episode of W51TV!  The video has been broken up into two parts.

Just click on the video below and enjoy!

Have a great weekend!

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W51TV Episode V Ta-Da!!!!

The time has come again to unleash a new episode of Wells W51TV!  Thanks to all the public speaking class participates that were involved with this weeks show!  Great work!  Check out all the cool happenings and please feel free to leave any comments about the show!

Have a great week!

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Just to give you an idea of what goes on at my school.  Here is the latest episode of our school newscast.  I love doing this show and hope you enjoy all the fun!

Here is a link to my other site:

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What is Creative After School?

Creative After School has been set up to show a variety of activities and programs for youth world wide.  It’s my hope that through creative after school programs the needs of the whole student will be met.  So far two programs have been created and have been in effect for the past 2 years.  I hope that by creating a community of learners, coaches and teachers the quality of after school activities will rise to meet the needs of this new generations!

All the best,


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