Creative Public Speaking

The idea behind Creative Public Speaking is to give students a nonthreatening environment to grow their speaking abilities.   Gradually more complex challenges should be given later on, however to start with we’ll keep it simple.  The goal of “Creative Public Speaking” is to create a sense of comfort and safety among the students, and in that, the freedom to express feelings and thoughts openly.

In “Creative Public Speaking” students will be encouraged to engage each other in conversations and activities that require clear concise communication.  The philosophy behind this is “Play with Purpose” this is the same philosophy I use within my after school fitness class.  Kids love to play and anything that is a game is fun!  Each activity is chosen especially to benefit the students self confidence and strengthen their talents.

Over the course of this year we will be immersed in a variety of activities and projects.  I would like to take this time to inform you on some of the “catch phrases” you might hear from your child;

  • “Secret Missions” – Developed to enhance socialization and self confidence. Students will be given their “orders” weekly that they have to carry out during the week.  These range from conversations with other students, staff, family and even people in their community.
  • “Mission Speak” – Students will take upon themselves (when they feel ready) to perform the morning announcements, classroom announcements or even lunch room announcements.
  • “Leadership Cooperation Missions” – Students will work with various school leadership teams such as the Counseling department, Office management and Parent relations department in different activities through out the school year.

The point and purpose behind all of these different methods of learning is to create a cooperative learning environment that puts your child at the forefront of school life.  Through the use of games, projects and fun activities I hope to place your child in situations where they have to speak out and become apart of what’s happening rather than merely standing in the background.  This semesters projects will include;

Creating the Environment

Students may be more willing to take learning risks in an environment that is emotionally safe.  One in which they are encouraged and know they will not be laughed at. I hope to set the stage at the beginning of the year by helping students understand that it is their responsibility to encourage, respect, and care about each other. Together, the students decide how to accomplish this goal of creating a caring community.

Cooperative Games

Cooperative learning groups give an excellent opportunity for students to practice interacting with each other in a supportive manner.

Personal Shares

Students are given the  opportunity to share a personal experiences and get to know one another.  Two students each week will share a 2-3 minute, prepare or impromptu talk about something personal to them.

Mad Scripts

Mad Scripts are  plays in which students fill in a script with various words and then, preform a group read together.

Quick Skits: For Fun!

Students will be given a few ideas, for a short skit to preform infont of the the class.  Each member of the team will have equal speaking parts and will have to add to the story.  The idea is to keep it light and fun!

Radio Show

Students will prepare their own script and create a radio show that will include clips of music, a weather report, and an upcoming celebration announcement.

Crazy Talk

Using a picture of a famous person of their choosing, students will prepare a short one paragraph speech on a topic that excites them. (i.e. football, vacationing, movies, video games) The speech must have a beginning, middle and conclusion, as well as an attention getting opening.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of what I want to accomplish this semester.  Most of all I thank you for the opportunity to join your child on this journey of learning!  I would also like to extend a welcome to you personally if you have any interest in helping out with some of the class activities.  Please feel free to contact me.

Warmest Regards,

Mr. Nathan


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