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Show and Tell

Show and Tell really is a great foundation to build on with public speaking.  Young or old, speaking comes a lot easier when you are comfortable and know what your talking about.

This simple warm-up activity can really boost your student participation during a public speaking class.

Some of the advantages of having a show and tell include;

  • learn to speak and listen
  • learn how to be an audience and introduce themselves
  • learn how to ask inquiry based questions
  • learn to make connections between student responses
  • anticipate and observe
  • practice critical reasoning skills
  • practice storytelling
  • learn same and different
  • use vocabulary- doll, computer, toy car, puppet
  • use descriptive language
  • say thank you
  • increase confidence
Here is a quick video of “Show and Tell” in action =)

Have a Great Weekend!


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Crazy Talk G1-2

Having just finished up our Crazy Talk videos, here are the final products!  These kids are amazing!  They wrote their own script, practiced speaking with partners, and record.  It was great watching each child create something all of their own!

Great Job Grades 1 and 2!

Please click on the video to play!

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W51TV episode VI !

This week has been unbelievable! So many cool things have been going on and you can check it out on our new episode of W51TV!  The video has been broken up into two parts.

Just click on the video below and enjoy!

Have a great weekend!

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Superstars and Special Guest?

Weird, wacky and uh…. did I say weird? I guess you never know who could show up to a Creative Public Speaking class =)  Over the last couple of weeks we have been writing scripts, practicing and recording our monologues.  Some students created story lines with each other, some were straight faced and some… well, to use their words, lost their minds!  Below are some of our creations!  Enjoy!

Click on the video to play!

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W51TV Episode V Ta-Da!!!!

The time has come again to unleash a new episode of Wells W51TV!  Thanks to all the public speaking class participates that were involved with this weeks show!  Great work!  Check out all the cool happenings and please feel free to leave any comments about the show!

Have a great week!

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Wow, Wow and WOW!

This week in Creative Public Speaking the kids assignment was to create an ABC conversation with the help of a partner.  Besides being just a fun activity the purpose is to show the importance of our  body language when speaking.  Albert H Mehrabian did an experiment, and suggested that when we speak

Words account for only 7%

Tone of voice accounts for 38%

Body language accounts for 55%

With this in mind it’s important to remember that we are saying so much more to our audience then the words we are speaking.  Through these creative learning activities its my hope that students will develop themselves into a more conscientious speakers.  Therefore being able to be more effective at relaying their thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Here are a couple of clips!  Enjoy!

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Clear Communication

Today in Creative Public Speaking Grades 1 and 2 learned about the importance of communicating clearly.  We played the Whisper Game and soon realized that getting people to really listen and understand what we are saying can sometimes be difficult.  So, we should always take our time and make sure that what we are saying is clear and that we should also be a good listener when other people are speaking.

Here is a video of today’s game in two parts!

The original sentence was ” I like ice cream with Chocolate covered peanuts and whip cream.”

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